Coal the Kitty - Musings of a Kitten

A journal of a life shared between a kitty and a human.

Friday, November 2, 2007

The Human told me I have an Upper Respiratory Infection. You know, there were sneezing cats in the Shelter cages next to me. Thank goodness the Human adopted me.

The Human left today for a wedding. I wasn't happy with that at all, but I understood.

Unfortunately, my stomach started hurting me today. I had an accident in the corner. The Human came home and was so worried about me. She took me right to the vet ER. They were nice. They gave me some medicine and they put this weird injection under my skin, so now I have a bulge on my left side. Hopefully it will go away.

The Human put me in the bathroom with my food and water and some blankets. I am glad, I would have been so cold otherwise. I hope the Human takes me to the vet soon so I can get better.